Incorporations, Contract Negotiations and Review of Business Transactions, Purchase and Sale of Businesses, Representation of Controversial Businesses: Medical Marijuana, Business Counseling
Case Study: The Three Merry Men
Three sales people, employees of larger companies, decided to start up a manufacturer's rep firm in the Silicon Valley. They needed a shareholder's agreement that allowed them to do a number of things including: 1) creating options for a clean exit from the firm; 2) controlling the stock and entry of new shareholders; and 3) funding mechanisms for buy-outs of exiting shareholders. Result:We developed an appropriate document for the shareholders. Small businesses with shareholder/employees need shareholder agreements to define important features of their business like formulas for valuing stock and separate employment agreements. Create successful businesses by starting with clear agreements about the "what if's."
State and Federal litigation including: fraud, securities violations, interference with business, contracts, shareholder and partnership disputes Case Study: Freight Forwarder and the Bad Checks A small freight forwarding company decided to sue a customer who had failed to pay some bills and also cancelled a number of checks they had paid to the client. Result:Binding arbitration, which was a quicker and less expensive alternative to having a jury trial. The client prevailed.
First amendment, fourth amendment, eighth amendment violations; police misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, private security services Case Study: The Partying Newlywed When an off-duty police officer and his neighbor saw the client, his fiancée and friends partying at a house on their block, they approached the group with suspicion and aggressiveness. The group and the two men had words. Later in the evening, the two men saw the group drive by and this time, followed them in a truck. By the time the off-duty officer and his neighbor confronted the group with guns drawn, the situation exploded with violence. The client, a 21 year old on the eve of his wedding, suffered irreversible brain damage, leaving him unable to work.
Injunctions, Personal Injury Case Study: The Uninsured Motor Vehicle Accident In this personal injury case, Kumin was able to negotiate a favorable settlement (over $60,000) from the State uninsured motorists insurance fund. His client had hit a car that was stolen and abandoned on a freeway. Result:A settlement with the state uninsured motorist's fund was reached without filing a lawsuit.
Decedent's estates, conservatorships, guardianships, probate and trust litigation. Case Study: The Missing Trust Document In this probate matter the client's mother died without having moved money into a certain trust set up prior to her death. Because of her failure to move the money and because the document she was supposed to have signed -- a document that would have automatically moved the money upon her death -- had been lost, her son and his young children (the grandchildren) faced a tax bill of over $200,000. Result:We filed a petition, which the court granted, proving that the mother had signed the document and had meant to transfer the funds upon her death. The law firm that hired us to do the work for the client (the son) did not believe the Court would grant the petition.