Employee rest breaks must be taken by the employee and documented by the employer

Employers and their employees who work for hourly wages (non-exempt employees) need to know that rest breaks and lunch breaks are mandatory. If an employee does not take the right number of breaks the employer can be fined. Employers and employees need to document the breaks, e.g., through time cards of hourly logs. Employers need to know this: the burden is on you to show that your employees have taken their breaks.

Loans and equity investments

Whether a business is receiving a loan or an equity investment, it is crucial that the terms of the loan or investment are written out in detail and agreed to by both parties including: terms for repayment or total equity to be provided, total amount lent or provided as capital, dates and signatures. Equity investments are subject to numerous securities laws including specific disclosures of risks of investment.

Partners/shareholders/llc members and valuation formula for their stock/partnership/member interest

While we recommend a comprehensive agreement for joint owners of businesses, at a minimum, if you jointly own a business, make sure you define a formula to value the business in case the owners go their own separate ways.

Learn the costs of litigating before filing your lawsuit

Before you file a lawsuit, make sure your attorney gives you a detailed itemization of the costs and fees you will have to pay. Always ask for and receive a written budget for the litigation. Ask questions about costs and fees.