Matt Kumin was featured on in which he discussed the rights of medical patients to cannabis, and the constitutional challenge against the federal governments' restrictions on cannabis patients currently pending in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals as Sacramento Nonprofit Collective, et al. v. Eric Holder, et al. No. 12-15991.

The Law Office of Matthew Kumin is pleased to announce...

that John Burris will be joining the firm as "of counsel." John Burris and Matt Kumin have collaborated on numerous civil rights cases over the past 10 years including their first case together, along with Stephen Collier, Patterson et al. v. Oakland et al., stemming from the 1994 police riot at the Festival at the Lake.

Burris is Northern California's iconic and most successful civil rights attorney whose succinct synopses and commentaries of current prominent court cases has landed him on virtually every major television and radio network.

His successes include his record $10+ million settlement with the City of Oakland in the famous Riders civil case and the imposition of a court appointed monitor to track and train Oakland's notoriously rough police force.

Burris joins Steve Collier, who has served as "of counsel" to the Kumin firm since 1995.